How to properly manage household finances

Difficult household finances. There are just needs that make you have to spend money beyond your budget.

There are always mistakes that you and your family cannot save. One problem maybe your management is not right. There are various expenditure items that have not been recorded, or the allocation of funds is too minimal in certain posts and too much in other posts.

To find out how to manage household finances so that they are not wasteful and what is the key to successfully managing family finances, consider the following points:

The Benefits of Knowing How to Household Finances

By starting to know and apply how to manage household finances so that they are not wasteful, it can help you to have a healthier financial flow.

Of course, having regular family finances can minimize uncontrollable expenses, especially impulsive sports, for example with a credit card.

So, by managing regularly you can further reduce the possibility of getting into debt. This also has an impact on the security status of your iDebt (debtor information) in OJK SLIK.

In addition, you can also control so that unexpected finances do not occur which will usually make you more extravagant. Usually by managing like this you can find out how much you can spend and what the spending limit is so you don't overdo it.

Of course, this way you can also save more. You can also find out where the expenses are that are less necessary and can be allocated for savings. Later, this savings can be allocated for other things such as debt (if any), or used to finance one day.

Key to Success and Family Finance

When you start managing money, of course you have to start with the key to successfully managing family finances. The key lies in the involvement of all family members.

allows every member, even children to participate. Explain to the child that the family's financial condition must be tightened so that the financial flow becomes healthier (if there is a traffic jam, try to convey it in a language that is easier for the child to accept).

Take the time to hold family gatherings, and decide how much money to spend on each contest. Agree with each family member, and know that this budget will not go according to plan without the involvement of the whole family.

How to keep household finances from being wasteful

1. Create a List of Expenditure Items

divide the various types of expenses that you and your family will spend. Some posts that are usually quite important are:

Check again whether there are other expenditure items that you usually have to pay regularly, one of the most important is paying off debt installments such as credit cards or KTA, as well as other debts such as KPR, KKB. Of course this needs to be budgeted specifically if you still have ongoing debt.

Once you know the expense items, experiment with allocating funds to each item. You can use a free app or use a spreadsheet table in Excel. This will help you calculate each type of expense, and don't have to allocate that much money.

2. Create a Billing Calendar

To make household finances more organized, it's a good idea to make a bill every month. Mark each date you must pay your electricity or air bill (as well as the schedule for purchasing PLN token pulses), pay your child's school fees, credit card billing date (if any), or other bills.

Get in the habit of doing it regularly at the beginning of the month, at least the 10th of each month. This will help you be more organized and avoid fines.

3. Pay Debt Every Month

If you do have posts to pay debt installments every month like the post above, of course this should be prioritized. Make sure to pay debts regularly every month so as not to be in arrears and have a bad impact on OJK iDebt SLIK (debtor information).

You can outsmart this section by following a debt management program from the company that provides the program. Usually by enrolling in a debt management program you can get a credit card or KTA debt relief program, so this can also help you in helping your budget every month.

How to manage household finances so that they are not wasteful, this one seems quite effective, especially for those of you who have difficulty paying every month.