How to Grow Cayenne Pepper at Home Until Harvest

How to plant cayenne pepper can use the help of polybags, trays, or even in a narrow area. How to grow cayenne pepper can be a solution when chili prices rise.

Seed selection

The first way to plant cayenne pepper is to choose the seeds. Be sure to choose superior seeds available in the market. Good seeds germinate above 80 percent, well adapted, clean and healthy. Choose seeds according to climate and growing season. superiority of expired seeds.

Nursery media

Seedlings can be sown in polybags or trays. Nursery media must be prepared at least a week before the seeds are sown. The nursery media consisted of a mixture of fine soil and manure in a ratio of 1:1. Insert the media into the nursery. The media does not need to be full, just 3/4 of the polybag or nursery.

Soaking the seeds

Before how to plant cayenne pepper, the seeds must be ripened first. The trick, in the seeds wrapped in plastic, make a hole in the plastic. Soak the seedlings in warm water for 8-12 hours. Drain and wrap with a thick damp cloth. Layer two newspapers. Prepare the can to fill a quarter of the way with moistened sand. Enter the seeds, give the bulb 15-25 watts. Maturation will produce seeds that grow into sprouts.

Sowing seeds

Add ripe seeds to make the seeds firmer and the tuna to emerge quickly. Use a pointed object, don't use your fingers to make a hole. Insert the seed into the hole. Cover the seeds with fine soil, dust or ash to facilitate germination. The distance from one hole to another is ideally 5 cm. Cover the nursery with wet sacks or banana leaves. The seeds will start growing in about 7-8 days.

Weaning the seeds

The next way to plant cayenne pepper is to wean the seeds. Weaning seedlings is separating / transferring seedlings from one group to individual plants in separate containers according to the size of their growth. Selection of seeds that are the same size and healthy. Weaning or sowing is done after the seedlings have two leaves or about 7-14 days. Seedlings can be moved to a new place with the same media as the seedling media.

Seed Care

During treatment, do not fertilize. If there are pests, use insecticides and fungicides half the recommended dose. If there are no pests and fungi, there is no need to spray. Watering is done so that the soil is not too wet or dry. Remove weeds that grow if any. The seeds will be ready for planting after 3-4 weeks of age when they have formed 4-6 leaves with a height of 5-6 cm.

Preparation of planting media

Use a 3:2:1 ratio with decomposed soil, fertilizer, and raw husks for planting. After 4 weeks, transfer the chili seeds to the prepared land. Do not forget to loosen the soil and apply fertilizer. Be careful when removing the seeds from the polybag so that the roots are not damaged. If you continue to use polybags, use polybags with a minimum diameter of 30 cm. Can also use a used bucket that has been cleaned.

If planting in the rainy season, make sure the distance between plants is 60 x 70 cm. As for the dry season the distance between plants is 60 x 60 cm. Plants that are too close together will make chilies more susceptible to disease, and difficult to harvest.