Women's feelings that must be known

Women were created so special by God, she was given a soft heart behind her softness there is a hard attitude to take care of herself.

In his sad heart he is still able to make the loved ones around him happy. Even the characteristics of women falling in love are sometimes not obvious.

It seems that women's feelings are difficult to predict, because women are able to keep their own feelings secret and the ocean is wide with various unexpected contents.

In her heart, a woman can cover her heart tightly so that those around her feel happy, she doesn't care if her feelings are sad or not as long as she can make the person she loves happy.

Not infrequently this makes it difficult for women to open up to men who approach them. It takes things that touch so that women want to share what they feel.

Never guess what a woman feels because what she looks like is not necessarily what is in her heart. Ask if you really want to know what he feels and wants. It can also be seen as a way to test if a guy is serious or not in a relationship with them.

Behind her beautiful smile, a woman's heart has an extraordinary privilege. His gentleness is the spread of his strength, his words are the truth. His smile is an encouragement to those who love him. A woman can laugh at the happiness of others, but she will also cry sadly over the suffering of her loved ones.

Kiss on the forehead

Women love a kiss on the forehead. To them, the kiss was more sincere than any other kiss. A kiss on the forehead makes a woman feel loved sincerely without any lust. Women will also feel pampered if treated like this by the man she loves. By giving something sweet, women can feel the characteristics of a responsible man from his partner.

Women don't like men who are too serious

For women, a man who is too serious is a boring man. When chatting, women want the other person to put themselves in a good position. Serious when serious, but there are times when the chat must be interspersed with entertaining jokes. This will make women not feel bored and want to linger chatting with the other person.

Too focused on the person he loves

The fact about other women's feelings is, sometimes women are too focused on the man or the person he loves so often do not see the flaws in men. This is a woman's weakness that men often take advantage of for personal pleasure.

Women understand how to control their emotions

Most women understand how to control their emotions, sometimes they can smile and show happiness in front of many people but actually she is holding back her sadness. Usually a woman will show her true feelings when alone or when with friends.

Women don't like to be lied to

Actually not only women, everyone does not like to be lied to, especially by the people they love. It's better to be honest because women are more forgiving when they tell the truth. Most women don't want to forgive because of a fabricated lie. Especially when you find out that your partner is cheating on you, women actually know the characteristics of a cheating man, so don't try to lie to women for the sake of other women.

Women need to be heard

When speaking, women prefer to be heard. He doesn't really like it when his interlocutor gives him advice he didn't ask for. So better shut up and listen to what a woman has to say and when she asks for advice then you give her the advice she wants to hear.

Women don't like to be guessed

In fact, women don't like their feelings to be guessed. He prefers it when someone asks him directly about himself and how he feels. Never guess what is in his heart because women will not look 'easy' in front of other people.

Give alone time

When a woman is angry, give her some time alone to calm down. Don't be in a rush to ask him to vent his anger. Give him some distance but don't forget to watch them slowly from a distance so they don't feel lonely, and that won't make the problem worse either.

Don't underestimate women

There is a saying that women are weak creatures. This makes many men underestimate women. In fact, behind his spoiled nature, women can also be independent. Not a few women who can do men's work to prove that they are equal to men.