10 Tips for Saving Money Well

 It's easy if you really want to save. If all this time you've only been saving, there may be something wrong with your way.

When you have a large income, but the money always runs out before the end of the month. This means that something is not right in your financial system.

Well, for those of you who are still extravagant and your savings haven't been collected, you can try following these tips:

1. Use an Automated Savings System

The first saving tip is to use an automatic savings system. Currently, almost all banks in Indonesia already have this feature. So, every time you get paid, your paycheck goes straight to your savings account to save money.

So that way there is no longer any reason for you not to save. Usually this automatic savings will not be taken per month. This savings can only be withdrawn once a year. However, it all depends on the bank's policy.

2. Bet Money in Hidden Places

The second tip is with money in a hidden place. Well, especially for those of you who often run out of money while still in the middle of the month. Try to place it where you don't touch it very often. Like a book or box you don't touch every day.

usually you forget if there is money in the place. If you really remember it and don't really need it at all, you can save it in a savings account, friend.

3. Mention Every Savings

The next tip is to give each savings a name. Oh yes, for those of you who still like to save using a piggy bank, it's good to try this method.

Name every piggy bank you have. For example, the 1st piggy bank for marriage capital, the 2nd piggy bank for traveling and the 3rd piggy bank for buying the things you want, that way you will keep the spirit to keep saving.

4. Save Key

The fourth saving tip is to lock your savings. You can use this method to save in a bank or a piggy bank. If you save at a bank, make sure you choose a savings that uses a locking system if it has not reached the desired nominal.

Meanwhile, if you save in a piggy bank, choose a piggy bank that has a lock or one that is not easy to open. That way, you will find it difficult and discourage you from saving.

5. Save Coins

The next tip is to save changes. Never exchange money, friends. Why? Because, if the change is collected, it is more feasible. So, if you have spare change, buy something at the convenience store or store. Make sure you collect it in your savings, pal.

6. Save Money for Extra Income

Just like loose change, if you earn outside of work make sure you save. If you want to buy necessities, try to have income to save, friend.

7. Save Money from Job Bonus

If you do well, usually your boss will give you bonus money. Well, make sure the bonus money given to you is savings. If you buy necessities, make sure you prepare to save first, then for other necessities. You see, to meet other needs, will never end.

8.Use a Savings App

The next tip is to use a savings application. If you're having trouble or don't care about the contest, you can take advantage of this app.

Many applications are available, such as Wally, Spendee, Dompetsehat and so on. This app can help you to know how much you have spent on shopping and so on.

9. Make it a Real Asset

The next tip is to turn your savings into real assets, such as gold. Usually you will be easily tempted if your savings are still in the form of money.

If you turn your money into a tangible asset like gold, you're less likely to resell it for shopping. So, that way you can continue to save without being afraid to use the money.

10. Take advantage of the discount

If you really like shopping, this might be the best way for you. For example, if you want to shop, try looking for one that is discounted or one that offers cashback. So, that way you can still find money to save.