5 Ways to Overcome a Leaking House Roof When It Rains

Almost all houses in Indonesia have probably experienced a classic problem that usually occurs during the rainy season, namely a leaky roof.

Many factors are the cause of a leaky roof, including the shifting of the tile so that there is a gap or hole in the ceiling.

When you encounter this problem, there is nothing else you can do but call a repairman to fix it. Because the ceiling and roof are parts that are quite vulnerable to damage. If you're determined to fix it yourself, what if it makes things worse?

5 Things To Do When There Is A Leak On The Roof

If the leak occurs suddenly while you also have to wait for a repairman to arrive, here are the first aids that can be done. The steps are simple, the important thing is to stop the leak for a while.

Come on, watch and practice!

1. Holds water

In general, here the leakage that occurs in the house comes from the ceiling. The first thing you should do is determine which part is leaking.

Immediately check the source of the leak. Also check for wet spots and drops of water that fall when it rains.

To prevent the house from getting muddy, place a bucket or other container under the leak area to catch raindrops.

2. Cover the furniture

In addition to preventing the house from getting muddy from the rain, you must also prevent water droplets from falling near the furniture. Be aware that humid conditions can damage furniture, especially wood-based ones.

Therefore, immediately move the furniture if it is under a source of water droplets to a safer place.

However, if the furniture is large and difficult to move, you can simply cover the entire piece of furniture using large plastic.

3. Marking the leaky part

Well, after the rain stopped and the weather was sunny again, re-examine the interior of the house. Pay attention to any parts that change due to leaks and moisture.

The easy way is to see if there are signs of stains or discoloration on the ceiling of the house. After that, mark the parts that are the source of the leak using chalk.

4. Find the origin of the leak

The source of new leaks is really visible when you climb into the attic or tile. You can do it yourself while waiting for the repairman to fix it.

If you're curious, here you should do it during the day and when the rain has stopped. Don't forget to bring a flashlight to help light up the attic. Always be careful, yes, walk on the roof because it is usually slippery after the rain.

5. Don't try to fix it yourself

It is not impossible to repair a leaky roof alone. However, this job is quite complicated and dangerous for ordinary people to do.

It takes confidence and experience to fix a leak on this roof. Besides having to be done with precision, you may not understand the equipment needed to handle it.