How to Check Indosat Number and Check Your Own IM3 Number 2021

It is undeniable that sometimes we often forget our Indosat numbers.

How to check IM3 number is important if you forget the number you have.

When you forget your Indosat number, that's when you have to find a way to see your Indosat IM3 number.

If you have problems forgetting your Indosat number, there are several ways to check your IM3 number that you can try.

Indosat itself has provided various options for checking Indosat's own number.

In addition to using a cellphone, it turns out that you can check IM3 numbers using a modem and the Indosat application. Here are some ways to check Indosat numbers collected by android62 from various sources that you can try.

For those of you who want to know or see for yourself the Indosat number, you can try the following tips. Use the method of viewing the Indosat IM3 number which you think is the easiest and according to your condition.

Because the following tips require different tools or devices. This method of viewing Indosat numbers will also be useful when you transfer Indosat credit.

The first way to check IM3 numbers is to use the dial up feature on your cellphone.

Here's how to check your Indosat number via Dial Up:

Dial *123*30# – You can dial the number on your mobile and select OK or YES. Then wait a while, soon your Indosat number will appear on the cellphone screen.

Dial *123*7*2*1# – Same as the first method, the difference lies in the number that must be dialed on the cellphone screen. After successfully connected, your Indosat number will appear on the phone screen.

Dial *888*1*1# – Check this third IM3 number the same as the previous method. After pressing the number listed, you can choose OK or YES and please wait a moment until your Indosat number information appears on the cellphone screen.

2. How to Check Indosat Numbers and Check IM3 Numbers via USSD Modem

How to Check Indosat Number With USSD Menu on Modem

Apart from HP, you can also try to check the IM3 number using a modem.

Here's how to check Indosat number via USSD Modem:

Activate the modem – You need to activate the modem first by plugging it into your PC or Laptop. Wait until the modem is detected and the modem dashboard display appears.

Open USSD menu - After your modem is active and detected, you can search for and open the USSD menu which is located in the main menu of the modem dashboard connected to your PC or Laptop.

Detailed card information appears – After you send your number, you only need to wait not too long for your Indosat card information to appear.

The modem dashboard screen will display various information related to the Indosat number you are using.