How to Draw Animals Easily and Fast

Who doesn't love to draw? This one activity is certainly often an activity when you are free or when you get inspiration. Well, there are various objects for drawing, some like to draw flowers, houses, humans, cartoon characters, anime and even animals.

However, among the photo objects, it turns out that animals are the best-selling photo objects. Whether children or adults, must have drawn animals right? Especially if the animal is his favorite animal. So how to draw animals? Here's a review on how to draw animals easily and quickly.

Steps of How to Draw Animals

Oh yes, the animals that we will draw this time are very many, you know. Not only animals from the mainland, but also types of marine animals. There are also four-legged farm animals, reptiles, reptiles, winged animals, two-legged animals, and other animals.

How to draw a cow

Well, the first way to draw an animal is a cow. To be able to draw this animal, you only need to follow 5 steps. First, start by making an oval circle first, then you just make a head and foot pattern, then color it.

How to draw a giraffe

You must be familiar with this long-necked animal, right? Yes, giraffe! This animal is the tallest animal in the world today. Now for those of you who want to draw a giraffe, you can follow the example of the giraffe card animal image above.

How to draw a sheep

Well, still with the image of a 4-legged animal, this time we will draw a sheep. Just like how to draw a cow, you only need to follow the 5 steps above. The difference is, the first pattern of this animal is not oval, but the shape of its fur is like a cloud. After that, you just need to follow the image of the head and then the whole body of the sheep.

How to draw a bunny animal

Well, you must be familiar with rabbits. For those of you who want to learn how to draw a rabbit, you can follow the steps above. Maybe your bunny picture will be cuter if you eat carrots too, you know.

How to draw a duck

Who knows the sound of this animal? Yes, duck! This one bird animal is also one of the favorite animals to draw, you know. It's almost like drawing a chicken, to be able to draw a duck you have to make an egg pattern first. Then the head, tail, legs and wings. If you want to make an image of a swimming duck, just delete the image of its legs.

How to draw a tiger animal

Hey, do you know the difference between a lion and a tiger? Well, it turns out that many children can't tell the difference between a tiger and a lion. In fact, you just need to see if the animal has fur or not around its neck.

If they have it, it can be said that it is a male lion. For the hallmark of the tiger itself, which has stripes all over its body. Well, for those of you who want to learn how to draw a tiger, you can also follow the six easy steps like the instructions above. For the finishing itself, you can draw it using an orange pencil.

How to draw a dog animal

For this one animal, of course, it is familiar and very familiar. Do you know his voice? Yeah right, woof woof. This animal is known as one of man's best friends. Dogs themselves are often chosen as pets. You see, these animals are very friendly.

In addition, dogs are also very loyal. Not infrequently, these animals are also often used as guards. On the other hand, sometimes these animals are also trained to help their owners when hunting. In Indonesia itself, wild boar hunters who often destroy rice fields are hunted by residents with the help of dogs. So, they will smell the wild boar, and take the hunter to the boar's den or hiding place.