How to Draw a Simple and Easy House

Since childhood, we all have to get lessons in drawing various things.

We are also taught to draw starting from simple things such as how to draw trees, natural landscapes, and houses.

Drawing can be a place to express the creativity of small children and adults. One of the images that is most often made is a picture of a house. However, sometimes we are confused about where to start.

Before getting into the easy drawing steps, you need to prepare a few things.

We recommend using a pencil to make it easier for you to erase the wrong lines. These pencils are also suitable for thickening sketches.


Make sure you have an eraser so you can erase the wrong and unwanted parts of the image.


For a neater drawing of your house, make sure you use a ruler to draw straight lines. The center of this ruler is transparent, making it easier for you to see the image or text below the ruler.

After preparing the above materials, you are ready to draw the house. Come on, see the step-by-step explanation below!

Step 1: Drawing the Roof of the House

If you are confused about where to start, you can describe the roof of the house first. You can draw a trapezoidal roof and add two lines that meet in the middle of the roofline of the house.

Step 2: Adding lines to the roof

To make it look more like the roof of a house, add stripes to thicken the roof.

Step 3: Draw the Wall of the House

Draw a square shape under the roof of the house to form the walls of the house.

Step 4: Draw the Center of the House

Add two vertical lines in the center of the house. This section is the part where the door of the house is located.

Step 5: Draw a Line in the Middle of the Wall

After drawing the center of the house, add two horizontal lines separating the center of the left and right walls of the house.

Step 6: Drawing the House Stairs

Next, draw two rectangles positioned horizontally in the center of the house wall to form a staircase.

Step 7: Drawing the Door of the House

Next, draw a rectangle at the top of the ladder you created earlier. This rectangle becomes the door of the house. You can also add another rectangle to form a window to make the house look more attractive.

Step 8: Draw the Window

A house is not complete without windows. Therefore, do not forget to add windows in every part of the walls of the house.

Those are the steps to draw a house that is simple and easy. You can also add decorations to the walls of the house or color the house according to their individual tastes and creativity.