How to fix a damaged wall clock

 This time we will discuss how to repair the wall clock itself.

The components of the wall clock are very simple, we just need to be careful to repair the damaged wall clock and if there are components that are damaged we can buy it at a clock seller on the market at a cheap price.


Here's an easy way to fix a wall clock yourself:

1. Check the battery

First, check the battery of your wall clock, if possible try to replace it with a battery of other equipment that is still good, for example a children's toy clock or a TV remote clock.

If it is replaced with a battery that still won't spin, go to step 2.

2. Clean the battery connector

To clean the connector, you must remove the hand and movement from the watch body to facilitate further repair.

How to disassemble the wall clock hands:

Using a plus screwdriver, loosen all the screws/bolts attached to the back of the watch.

Remove the front frame that holds the glass, then the glass.

Using your fingers to pinch the center of the hand, pull the hour hand one at a time starting with the seconds-minute-hour hand.

Once caught, shoot the nut by turning it to the left.

Turn the clock, remove the clock from the watch body by prying the left and right parts of the machine.

How to clean the connector

battery, open the battery engine cover with a screwdriver. Battery connectors that cover dirt or mildew will interfere with the flow of electricity from the battery which is part of the clock movement causing the walls to turn off.

There are two pairs of connectors, namely a pair of connectors that connect to the battery poles and one pair that is on the MCB. Make sure both pairs of connectors are clean of dirt by gently scrubbing them with fine sandpaper. When cleaned, it turns out the jam is still not turning, check the teeth.

3. Check the clock gear

Inside the movement of the clock is a small gear made of plastic. check if it is covered or dust/dirt. clean the gears with a dry cloth or small brush.

Install the battery engine cover, also install the battery. try to check if there is your voice, if necessary pair the seconds, if the seconds rotate means the movement of the clock is correct. Replace all wall clock components as before.

4. Change Clockwork

If the above method has been done but your wall clock also cannot rotate, you should replace the machine. You can buy the watch at your favorite store or online.