How to make household finances more productive

Needs that are sometimes greater than income make financial management tricks need to be done in creative and innovative ways.

Husband and wife need to agree to make a pattern of productive financial arrangements.

Did Smart Parent know that the amount of uncontrolled spending often causes the monthly financial budget to run out quickly?

This is the importance of managing household finances so that, like a company, its condition can be evaluated within a certain period or period. For example, after five years of marriage, how is your financial condition?

How to Manage Family Finances To Be More Productive

How to manage family finances so that the existing income can be more productive and increase the assets owned by the family? 

1. Save

This method is fairly ancient and can be said to be an ancient way of managing finances. However, financial management must still use this saving principle.

At least Parent Pinters can save some unused changes after shopping. This technique of saving pennies turned out to be quite surprising and profitable for the perpetrators.

If you have a budget for a large percentage of savings each month, that should suffice. If not, at least the changes are what you saved and saved for use any time.

2. Family Financial Management

Professional financial management is not only needed in large companies, but also at the family finance level. No matter how big the financial income, its effectiveness will not be seen if there is no good financial management pattern.

Some of the management steps that can be taken by Parent Pinter are:

Make a list of monthly routine expenses

Make an allocation of the percentage of funds spent according to the level of need, a 50-30-10-10 percentage can be applied.

3. Looking for Additional Income

After Smart Parent applies the right pattern of financial management, one of the problems that may be the cause of family finances is often problematic, which turns out to be caused by the amount of income that is smaller than expenses.

This means that you need additional funds to better manage your finances.

You can choose several additional income sources such as the following options, according to your conditions and abilities:

Freelance work online with the skills you have.

Dropshipping business.

Home business is managed online.

Replacing an existing business with a new business that is considered more potential.

Develop existing businesses in other business units.

Resign from company A and try to find a better company.

Pursue the hobbies you have for productive and productive activities.

4. Social and Charity Fund

Parent Pinters know that to make more money, you don't always have to follow human logic.

There are ways in the sky that turn out to be more financially productive than unexpected ways. That's why it's important that you allocate your budget for social and charitable activities aimed at other people.

Donations, alms and other social activities will bring blessings to existing sustenance. Happiness and serenity in life can also be achieved because of the prayers of people who feel they have benefited from the social donations you have given.

Take a look at how world famous entrepreneurs do a lot of charity for their blessings and fortune.

5. Investment

Investment is one technique to manage existing finances to be more productive in the long term. How much income do Parent Pinters currently have, try to set aside at least 10 percent for investment.

How many people make a lot of money every month but forget to allocate it for more productive and valuable management in the long run.

General investment such as stock investment, property, gold, forex or others. Including education.

Education for children is a form of long-term investment by parents for their children. The results will be felt in the long term, not only for children but also for parents and the community in their environment.