How to repair a damaged watch

Watches are one of the accessories that are often used, both women and men.

At present there are many models and types of watches, ranging from analog and digital. Well this time we will discuss how to fix the freewear needle.

How to fix a needle that doesn't move

Many fkores that cause the watch needle to be released. Here are some of them:

- Installation is not good

The first factor that causes clockwork can be released, which is a bad installation, which means that both in terms of installation or wrong mugin are not strong enough.

- Watches fall

The second factor that causes the watch to need to be free is because the watch falls, because the falling watch can actually experience a surprise, suddenly, this will make the needle installed vibrate.

- Age of watches

The next factor is because it is common, usually a watch that already has a long life will certainly experience a decrease in performance. This is what can cause hours to be released.

Well after knowing the causes of standwork needle, then how do you fix it? Here are some steps you can do in watch watch:

1. Prepare tools and materials

First prepare the required tools and materials, including the following:

- Screwdriver

- Watch

- Pregnancy

2. Open the watch cover

Every watch is of course a different way to open this cover, some use bolts and some don't use it. Therefore he complained with the watch conditions owned. If you don't use bolts, you just need to gouge the cover, located behind the watch.

3. Remove the watch machine

If the cover is open, the next step is to remove the machine machine, for the need to be done carefully so that the engine component is not disturbed.

4. Check the needle condition

The next step is to check the condition of the clock, can we continue to install or not? With a needle, the watch is not good, it is of no use if we install it because it can be a needle release watch anymore.

5. Install handwork

After checking the watch needle, then replace it again. If the needle is still feasible to just install the needle, but vice versa if the watch is not good, you have to make a change with a new one. Be sure to put the watch correctly, so it's not easy to escape.

6. Insert the watch machine

If the needle is installed, then reinsert the machine according to the original place

7. Cover the watch cover

This is the final step in repairing the handle needle, covering the closure again. Be sure to close this cover correctly and in the right way.