Types of Online Marketing to Start a Business

Online or online marketing is one of the steps that many business people take today. By taking advantage of technological advances and people's habits that tend to take advantage of things that are effective and simple, online marketing is very profitable.

Types of Online Marketing for Business

There are types of online marketing that you can apply to your business, namely:

1. Social Media Marketing

The use of social media is an alternative to market a product. With this method, business actors can upload catalog books or short descriptions of products to be marketed. Generally, social media that are often used for this promotion are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Path, and other applications.

2. Reseller or Dropshipper

Reseller or dropshipper is a side job for some people. Not only that, with resellers, the resulting business products are widely distributed among the public. That way, this marketing method is suitable for businesses that are still at the lower level to the top level businesses.

The working principle of this method is that a reseller will promote a business product to consumers or potential customers. The target market can be obtained through relations from resellers. The more resellers, the more potential consumers and customers, which increases the business profit increase.

3. Email Marketing

Of the many methods, email is one part of the type of online marketing that can be accessed online. Business actors can do marketing by sending messages to consumers' emails.

4. Influencer Marketing

Social media alone is not enough, when someone is planning to do online marketing and will use social media. The number of followers on social media is also very influential.

Therefore, most entrepreneurs recruit influencers who are defined as someone who is able to make a difference to others. It is used to attract the attention and interest of consumers. This method can be done through social media and advertisements on websites, YouTube, and advertisements on television.

5. Google Ads

Google adwords or google advertising is part of an effective type of online marketing, by placing ads on the google search engine. With this method, the product profile of the business is arranged in such a way that it ranks first in the Google search engine.

The benefit of using google ads is the ease of targeting ads based on keywords, ad locations, age, language, day, time and device. Further benefits are cost control, easier business management and more campaign management.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one type of online marketing that is done by optimizing a website for a company or business. Website is one of the media to market products.

Make sure the website requires content that explains product descriptions in general and in detail. With SEO, you will get the number one search result for website content so that it will be easier for consumers to visit.

7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also has the same principles as SEO. In this method, the visibility of the website is increased on the Google search page.

The description is a summary of the types of online marketing that can be done both at home and at work.