4 important factors in caring for baby birds

Caring for chicks is different from caring for adult birds. The most important factor in bird care is consistency in feeding and drinking.

especially for the care of birds that are still puppies, we should not ignore these factors. Surfey has proven that the quality of birds kept young or young is indeed better than young birds caught in the forest, but piyik has a weakness in the level of difficulty in the pattern of care.

Puppies of course still can't eat and drink on their own or the term still needs the help of our hands to survive. Puppies are very susceptible to death, because the pattern of care we do may not be the same as that applied by owls.

in this way we have to be very selective and careful about the possibility that the birds we keep can grow to maturity and do not always depend on the help of our hands.

So far, many cases in the birding world have complained about the care of young birds, which mostly fail, especially for beginners. Hearing all that, I purposely wanted to share ways or tips on caring for birds properly through articles on my blog.

I need to emphasize again that there are lots of blogs that discuss issues like this in cyberspace, but there must be some valuable positive values ​​that are not the same and I can't conclude.

it all depends on each of you who can judge what is right and what is wrong. However, whatever way they convey it, of course they have something in common, namely wanting to share knowledge and experience for those who have the same hobby. You see how to properly care for a puppy below.

1. A comfortable nest (a place to live)

First of all you have to provide a comfortable place to live for the chicks, it would be better if you buy honey bee hives in advance. If that's not possible then you can make artificial nests out of pineapple leaves, so you can buy more stalls or shops in an instant. closest bird.

Nests of leaf fiber are usually widely used by canary breeders. add a cotton swab or soft cloth to keep the hive warm. To save costs, my artificial nest strongly recommends using leaves from spruce.

2. Get to know the main food

The second must first identify the primary diet of birds, including birds that eat fruit and vegetables or are insectivorous. You often underestimate this problem, but it is very fatal if we talk about it. As you know, squirrels have a main diet of small animals and insects.

When eaten cendet bananas must be eaten because the piyik are still not sensitive to taste, but the negative thing is that the age of cendet chicks will definitely not last long if they eat wrong for a long time. time. time. which is still a puppy that will swallow anything when we feed it or swallow it.

3. Consistent in Feeding

The third is the problem of eating and drinking. In nature, the mother bird always regularly and timely feeds each chick that begins to feel hungry and vice versa.

Birds that feel hungry are usually characterized by frequent sounds or sounds and often open their mouths wide. In a day we need a lot of time to feed the chicks, because when the children feel hungry and need nutrition, we cannot predict it.

so if you are a person who is always busy with affairs outside of hobbies, then the intention to keep birds you should just do it. The success rate of caring for birds is very dependent on the nurse and also very different from caring for adult birds, we can live anywhere as long as food and water supplies are available.

4. Atmosphere Conditions Around the Nest

Which creates the atmosphere around as comfortable as possible. Birds are very sensitive to all kinds of sounds and changes in weather conditions, so a place or room that often makes sounds that disturb the rest atmosphere. To anticipate this, you should choose as a master (choose a voice that matches the criteria for the sound of chicks.