Best Types of Sparrow Food

Sparrows are small birds that we can easily find around us. In addition, his voice is also good for being a master bird.

This type of chirping bird that has sparrow stuffing is often considered an established bird by all circles.


Moreover, more and more people want to have it. Because any type of bird is not easy to imitate the squeaking sound of sparrows.

But by itself your chirping birds are sometimes easy to imitate the sound of sparrows. Because in their daily life they are always attached or close to sparrows that have been damaged.

Characteristics of Sparrows

Sparrows themselves are birds that like to build nests around houses and buildings. In addition, it is also often found making nests around the roof of the house and is a characteristic of this sparrow.

Many chirping bird lovers are starting to like this type of bird. Because there is already a community of sparrow lovers and now it is getting more and more famous. To maintain it is quite easy.

However, there are some obstacles that are often faced by those who are new to this bird and don't even know what these sparrows eat.

Sparrow food

Most importantly, if you intend to keep sparrows, then you must keep them from stagnation. What is certain is that the bird still needs your help to eat and survive.

Actually, sparrows that have reached adulthood can still be treated to become tame and gacor. However, it is not as fast as grooming from a puppy.

If you have got the sparrow puppies and are in accordance with the criteria, then now is the time for you to know how to care for and the type of food for sparrows so that they can survive to adulthood and most importantly can gacor.


Sparrow Baby Food

Sparrows that are still chicks need specially formulated feed. You can feed the sparrow with slightly mashed rice.

After that it can be mixed with Kroto, or crickets can also be consumed. However, choose crickets that are still small and carry them in the stomach.

The most important way is not to be too late to feed. Because birds that are still lethargic always feel hungry and still need a lot of nutritional intake for their development.

Adult Sparrow Food

Rice is the main food of sparrows. You can use unmilled rice as the main food for sparrows. Because this bird really likes rice as food.

However, the rice given should be old and not young because it will be difficult for this bird to eat it.

In addition to rice, ground corn seeds are also very popular with this bird. Because it can be easily consumed by digestion.

But in some cases very rarely do we see sparrows eating corn. But don't worry, because corn can also be used as an additional food.

Small insects are a type of food for sparrows, as we know sparrows are also very fond of insects as their main food.

Therefore we can provide food in the form of dragonflies, flies, and other small insects that are around us to be the main food.

That's how sparrow food can be given. There are even sparrows who really like the leftover rice that we throw away as food.