How to know the type of woman and deal with it?

Every man wants to have a life partner according to his wishes. However, getting the woman of your dreams is not easy.

It takes precision and patience in choosing and dealing with women we want to approach. Every woman has her own character, so sometimes men don't know how to deal with it.

1. Perfectionist Type

This type of woman is usually not easily satisfied with everything she does, she always wants to get perfect results. This trait is actually not too bad, this type of woman will be more busy with her work.

He will need more time to complete his work, to achieve the results he wants. He also does not easily accept the work of others. He is also very thorough and quick to see flaws rather than perfection.

Because he has a nature that always wants to look perfect, he is afraid and worried if he is considered unable to provide it. 

Giving advice or telling him that excessive perfectionism can interfere with the relationship, you will need a long time to get perfect results.

2. Melancholic Woman Type

Melancholic women are usually quiet and difficult to socialize. He doesn't have many friends because he has the principle to choose friends according to his character. In appearance, this type always wants to look elegant and neat. He wants the people and the environment around him to look clean and tidy.

And this type has a soft heart and is easily touched by sad things, they will feel sad even to the point of shedding tears. How to deal with it needs to be balanced with neat clothes, an orderly life and having empathy for others.

3. Confident Woman Type

This type of woman wants the people around her to accept her as she is. He also has self-confidence and is not easily influenced by others. He doesn't care about his appearance or character being open or outspoken and he will present his character with confidence. Having broad insight, not easily carried away by misleading associations.

Have strong values ​​and standards. He always loves and cares for others including his partner. This woman has virtue and believes that she can provide many useful things to others. To conquer this woman you must have extensive knowledge, so that you do not look stupid in front of her and can accept it as it is.

4. Aggressive Woman Type

Not all men like women who have this type, for various reasons. Some men like it when an aggressive woman likes it. Because of his aggressive nature he was the first to approach the man, so the man thought it would be easier for him to subdue the woman. But there are also men who don't like it when a woman is too aggressive because it scares her.

Men will think that women who are too brave later when they become girlfriends can make them dizzy because they are too quick to take the initiative and impose their will. To respond to this type of woman, you need to follow her wishes but you also have to be firm in setting boundaries because of her aggressive actions.