How to Make a Betawi Typical Egg Crust

Egg crust is one of the jayanan originating from the Betawi area. Its existence is very popular among the people of Betawi or Jakarta.

Until now the traders who sell egg shells quite a lot. Very easy to get for those who want to enjoy it instantly.

How to Make Betawi Egg Shells


The savory taste of the egg shell makes people addicted to enjoy it. Well, besides being easy to get, egg shells are also easy to make.

To make this egg crust is actually very simple. Because you don't need to use a lot of ingredients to be able to serve it.

Therefore, this time recipekuerenyah.com will share a delicious and easy eggshell recipe. For that, let's look at the process of making a typical Betawi egg crust below.

Eggshell Recipe


The recipe for how to make a typical Betawi egg crust is as follows:

Materials needed:

100 grams of white glutinous rice

air purifier 250ml

100 grams of grated coconut (roasted)

15 grams of shrimp ebi

5 duck eggs

30 grams of fried onions

1 tablespoon cooking oil

Spices that need to be mashed:

4 red chilies

teaspoon pepper granules

3 cm kencur

1 cm ginger

How to Make Egg Shells:

Soak the white glutinous rice for about 1 day. Remove, drain and set aside.

Puree ground spices such as curly red chili, ground pepper, kencur, and ginger until really smooth.

Saute the ground spices until you can smell the aroma. Remove and set aside.

Prepare a frying pan and turn on the fire. After entering the soaked white glutinous rice and add 3 tablespoons of clean water and wait until it dries a little.

 Put the eggs, ebi, stir-fried spices, salt, fried onions, and sugar in one bowl. shake until well blended.

Then add the mixture to the glutinous rice in the pan. Stir and also smooth.

Cover and then flip the egg shells to cook evenly.

If so, remove and store in a serving container. then sprinkle with fried onions and roasted coconut.

Egg shells are ready to serve.

Very easy and simple isn't it. But even though the manufacturing process is simple, the taste of this egg crust is still delicious.