How to Plant Green Beans Correctly

Nuts have enormous benefits for health, especially in fulfilling nutrition.

Mung bean has a very promising market, because at a very affordable price, green beans have a very high nutritional content, including vegetable protein.

Before going into the essence of how to grow green beans, you must first know what the requirements are for growing green beans so that you too can get optimal results.

Green beans can grow in the lowlands about 500 meters above sea level.

Green beans can grow well in tropical countries.

The pH needed for green beans to grow is 5-6.

If the soil is acidic with a PH below 5, liming can be done using dolomite at a rate of 1 ton for 1 hectare of land. This process must be done

 1 month before planting.

Mung bean plants like loose soil and rich in nutrients in the soil.

You can also use the former rice fields, so after you harvest the rice, you can use the former rice fields to plant green beans.

Once you understand what the requirements for growing green beans are, you can move on to the next stage.

1. Prepare the Land

how to prepare land for planting green beans

The first stage of the green bean cultivation step is to prepare the land. Here are the steps:

Start by plowing or hoeing the ground

After that you can add manure which is useful to add nutrients in the soil needed by green beans.

Make a bed with a width of 1 meter and a height of about 30-50cm, or it can be adjusted to your current land conditions.

The distance between the beds should be 2 meters so that rainwater can flow smoothly without stagnant in the middle of the land.

After your bed is complete, make a planting hole measuring 25 x 25 cm or 20 x 20 cm.

Make this hole with a triple eye, where the planting hole used to plant seeds has a depth of 4cm, and the other 2 holes have a depth of 8-10 cm which is useful for inserting fertilizer.