How to Catch Small Fish in the River

Fishing is indeed a hobby that is favored by some people. Both small and large fish they will find out how to catch it so that the results are big.

Fish is a good source of animal protein for consumption by the body. Many types of fish can be consumed. Both fresh and sea.

Usually people who live near rivers will fish or catch fish as food to serve as side dishes, but not infrequently they are also used as living room decorations with lights.

The average fish in the river are small fish in large numbers. It is very difficult to catch small fish. It takes special tricks and skills so that the catch is a lot.

How to Catch Small Fish in the River

In order to catch fish of the right size for your fish, you must use the right tools to get lots of small fish.

Usually people who catch small fish to be kept as pets because they have a good pattern. For example betta fish. Here are the tools you can use to catch small fish in the river:

1. Clean

The type of net used is usually made of water-resistant and strong nylon which is woven into a net with small holes. If you want to catch small fish, the net holes are made very small so that small fish can be caught.

2. Dam

Made to trap fish into it, this method can be done to trap large fish. But there is no harm in being used to trap small fish. Dams usually use wet soil such as clay that is impermeable to water so that it can lead fish into it.

This sometimes makes it difficult for them to catch it. Even though using a seser and a small net, the results are still unsatisfactory.

They must have a proper way of catching fish, especially small fish. By making traps that are appropriate to the size of the fish, you can get the fish you want, especially small fish.