How to change the name of a car and the cost

If you have ever bought a used car, of course you are required to change the name of the car's BPKB. It is important that the car that has been purchased is registered in the name of the new owner.

This is certainly needed as a sign that the BPKB on behalf of the old owner no longer owns the car. In other words, it has transferred ownership to the buyer.


Therefore, if you are in the condition of buying a used car from the old owner, you should understand how to change the name of the car and some of the conditions that must be completed.

This step is mandatory so that the used car that you just bought can be used officially on the highway.

Not only that, every year of course you as the owner of used goods are required to pay Motor Vehicle Tax aka PKB. Where one of the requirements for managing and paying off the PKB is the KTP of the car owner.

If the ID card or identity on the STNK and BPKB of the used car is still in the name of the old owner, it means that you have to borrow the ID of the old owner. Isn't that troublesome?


Therefore, without waiting long, after buying and selling your used car is complete, immediately take care of the transfer document for the name of the used car.

Because it's important, Mas Sena will also help you, at least explain how to change the BPKB name from the old owner to the new owner.

Well, here are the steps or how to change the name of the car along with the terms and costs. Let's look at the explanation together.

Previously, it was necessary to know the requirements for submitting a car name that you must complete in order to be able to carry out the process of submitting a BPKB name for the car. Here are the conditions.

Requirements to change the car name

1. Photocopy of ID card as the party applying for the change of name and status of the new car owner.

2. Original car BPKB and 5 copies.

3. The original vehicle registration certificate is equipped with 5 photocopies.

4. Prepare receipts for buying and selling used cars equipped with a stamp duty of Rp. 6.000, - accompanied by a signature then photocopied 3 sheets.

5. The results of the physical check of the car. To get the results of a physical check, you can get it at your local Samsat.

From some of the conditions behind the name of the car that Mas Sena conveyed above, try to prepare it from home. This is so that later when you arrive at Samsat, you don't have to buy other conditions.

After completing the requirements above, the next step is to take care of the BPKB name of the car you have purchased.

How to Change Car Name

After completing the requirements, come to Samsat for the process of submitting a car BPKB transfer. The following is a step-by-step procedure for changing the car's name. Are as follows.

1. Take your car to your local Samsat. Arriving there, for the process of changing the car's name, you will be directed to the physical check location to check the frame code and car engine code. This is the first step in implementing how to rename your car.

2. After arriving at the location, immediately take the queue number for physical examination. Later, there will be officers who bring the form as well as physically check the car in the form of the frame number and engine number.

3. If the physical examination has been completed, the officer will provide a form. The form contains several data fields from the car you are driving. Write the data according to the car data in the STNK.

4. After the form is filled out completely and according to the STNK, the next procedure for changing the name of the car is to submit the form to the officer at the counter. Remember, submission of this form must be accompanied by the original STNK. Wait until your name is called.

5. If your name is called, later the officer will ask you to complete the required documents that Mas Sena has mentioned above. These include physical check forms, original STNK, photocopy of STNK, photocopy of BPKB, photocopy of new owner's ID card, and receipt of the Main Building at Samsat.

6. If the file has been submitted, wait until your name is called again. At this point the process of changing the name of the car is almost complete, you are asked to submit the original BPKB and wait until the officer finishes checking the completeness and suitability of the file you submitted earlier.