Signs of a Damaged and Troubled Matic Car

Some early signs or symptoms of automatic car damage that must be known


Signs of a Broken Matic Car - In addition to automatic transmission (matic), of course, nowadays there are lots of cars with AT or automatic transmission. Practical and easy are the main things that make automatic cars increasingly a priority choice for people.

However, extra maintenance is also required which is generally more expensive than a manual transmission car.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to care for an automatic car and understand the signs of a damaged automatic car as the first step to take initial action to prevent further damage.


Signs of a Broken Matic Car

On the one hand, by recognizing the symptoms or signs of a damaged and problematic automatic car, you will automatically be able to take immediate action to overcome the early symptoms of automatic car damage.

Herein lies the importance of understanding the signs of a damaged automatic car with various characteristics of the problems that arise. Then, what are the symptoms or characteristics of a damaged automatic car?

Don't worry, this time Mas Sena has to share information about the signs of a damaged and problematic automatic car. Come on, let's review together!

Signs of a Broken Matic Car

Below Mas Sena will reveal the characteristics, symptoms or signs of a damaged automatic car that you should know. Here are the symptoms.

Early Symptoms of Auto Car Damage

Strange Sound Appears When Switching Transmission

A sign of a damaged automatic car that must be repaired immediately is the appearance of a strange sound when you replace the transmission.

This is an early symptom of automatic car damage that you cannot take lightly. Because, if left unchecked will trigger damage to other components that are more severe.

Generally the strange sound that appears is a "crack" sound when switching transmissions from N to D and P to R.

For that, you should take the automatic car to a repair shop and ask a mechanic to check and repair it if there is any damage.

Car Feels Vibrating While Driving

In addition, you can recognize signs of a damaged automatic car when driving a car, especially when driving in a high speed position.

If there is a strong vibration from the engine, it is very possible that there is a problem with the automatic car. Where, the possibility of the clutch lining that has started to wear and burn.

If you feel this condition many times while driving a car then you should ask a mechanic for symptoms like these. Consult the repair shop so that the mechanic can take action according to the damage or complaints you feel while driving the car.

Unsmooth Transmission Shift

On the other hand, when you change the transmission but it starts to jam, don't underestimate this.

Because, conditions like that can trigger a locked transmission gear which is very dangerous and can trigger an accident.

It should also be noted that automatic car damage like this generally occurs in reverse transmission mode (R). Therefore, you can check whether the gearbox cable is chipped or not.

Surprised Auto Shift

If you feel pounding while driving an automatic car, this is most likely a sign that the automatic car is damaged and has problems.

This is because these conditions do not rule out the possibility of early symptoms of damage to the electronic or mechanical system.

This means that there is a possibility of a leak in the solenoid pressure which indirectly triggers an oil circulation condition that cannot fully lubricate when shifting gears.

Symptoms like this are rare. However, if you experience it more than 3 times while driving, it is highly recommended to take it to a repair shop for repair.

Fuel suddenly runs out fast

Then, another characteristic that you can recognize as a sign of a damaged automatic car is that suddenly the fuel runs out quickly / wasteful.

Things like this will certainly be very common, considering the torque of the car engine cannot be channeled to the maximum to the wheels. Therefore, it is necessary to make a more powerful and powerful engine rotation so that fuel consumption (BBM) becomes wasteful.

In addition, the combustion system that has started to break down also triggers automatic car gasoline to be more wasteful. So don't take it lightly, immediately take the car to a repair shop so that other damage that is far more severe does not occur.