The characteristics of a problematic automatic car

Currently, the trend of automatic cars is indeed a model that is much favored by consumers in Indonesia. The ease and flexibility of driving is one of the reasons why automatic transmission cars are the main choice for consumers.

But it is undeniable that even automatic cars sometimes experience disturbances that are often not realized by the owner. This is of course due to the lack of information related to the characteristics of the problematic automatic car that caused the damage.

For this reason, it cannot be denied that the topic of signs or characteristics of problematic automatic cars is a discussion review that is quite sought after by consumers, especially novice users who have not had much experience with automatic cars.

Where, there are various early symptoms that are generally ignored and are often considered trivial by automatic car owners. Wre they?

Let's see information about the characteristics of problematic automatic cars that you must understand and study well.

Mas Sena will discuss various signs or characteristics of problematic automatic cars that really need to be understood and watched out for as early symptoms of damage.

1. Strange Sound Appears When Switching Transmission

The first sign if your automatic car has a problem is the appearance of a strange and unusual sound, such as a "crack" sound when changing the transmission position.

If a strange sound appears like that, of course it's an indication that your automatic car has a problem with the transmission.

If there are indications about the characteristics of a problematic automatic car like this, then immediately take the car to a repair shop for inspection and repair so that no further damage occurs.

2. Unsmooth Pull

When you are driving an automatic car but the pull feels so heavy or stutters, this condition can indicate one of the characteristics of a problematic automatic car that really needs attention and caution.

Generally the engine will feel like giving a vibrating effect or a little stomping when the gas pedal is stepped on.

If this condition occurs then there are two speculations of damage. Namely, a malfunction occurs in the solenoid pressure section or does not rule out the possibility of a transmission oil leak (conventional automatic transmission).

Therefore, the initial solution that can be done is to replace the transmission oil with a new one with oil recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Feel the Vibration While Driving

Furthermore, the hallmark of a problematic automatic car is the vibration that appears when the car is driven on a smooth road.

If this happens, then there is a possibility that the clutch lining has started to wear out. In fact, it is possible if the clutch lining catches fire.

Because this condition is difficult to predict, it is better to check the condition of the engine in the workshop so that the problem with this automatic car can be repaired perfectly.

4. Suddenly Wasting More Fuel

The characteristics of a problematic automatic car can be seen from the fuel consumption which is more wasteful than before.

This condition is generally triggered from engine torque that is not channeled properly to the wheels. Thus it will automatically require a larger engine speed which results in inefficient fuel consumption.

To solve this problem, you should take your automatic car to an authorized repair shop because this condition cannot be repaired by yourself, considering that it requires technical expertise to make repairs.