Easy Ways to Keep Motor Engines Cool

Motorcycle engine problems are often an obstacle that is often faced by owners of two-wheeled vehicles.

No doubt, if various preventive measures are taken to prevent the motorcycle engine from always being in top condition.

One of them is by applying a method so that the motorcycle engine is always used for long trips.

Not without reason, considering that the engine temperature quickly rises, usually a trigger for damage to the inside of the engine.

Therefore, there is no doubt that maintaining a motorcycle engine by keeping the temperature cool and stable is an aspect that needs to be done. Of course, as an effort to maintain engine performance in vehicles that are most widely used by Indonesian people.

Then, how to keep the engine temperature stable? Don't worry buddy.

The reason is, through this article, Mas Sena will share tips on how to keep the motorcycle engine cool even though it is often used for long trips. Come on, see the tips together.

Keeping the engine temperature stable can be done with a variety of easy and simple steps. Some of them are described below.

Causes of Overheated Motor Engine

The first step as a way to maintain a motorcycle engine to keep it cool is the need to change the oil regularly.

Not without reason, considering that in this aspect, the role of oil in a motorcycle engine is very important as a supporter of performance between components.

Where, pour as a lubricant to lubricate every gap in the engine components when the engine is started.

Of course, lubrication is intended to prevent or reduce disturbing forces while the engine is running.

Friction between components will certainly trigger hot temperatures if the engine is turned on continuously. So, the role of oil here is very important to maintain coolness or temperature stability in the engine.

By changing the oil regularly, of course, will support the lubrication process perfectly. Thus, the engine temperature can be maintained stable.

Use Oil according to Factory Standard

In addition to regularly changing the oil, of course you also need to pay attention to the use of oil. By paying attention to the quality of the lubrication process.

Quality oil is oil that meets engine requirements. Generally, the manufacturer has provided information in the user's manual about what brand of oil is suitable for use.

Therefore it would be better if you use the oil recommended by the manufacturer. Because, it will make the machine more durable.

Because, if the oil used is not good or not suitable, it will trigger more serious problems.

Indeed, the price of quality oil is more expensive than “cheap” oil which is sold at a very cheap price. However, if the motor is damaged due to inappropriate oil, it will certainly require more expensive repair costs.

So, make sure to always choose the right oil and according to the specifications of the motor so that the engine performance is always maintained and the engine temperature remains cool.

That way of course the motor engine will be durable and not easy to heat even though it is used with high intensity.

How to make a motorcycle engine not heat up fast

On the other hand, a step to prevent or minimize the engine temperature so as not to overheat is to make sure the motor radiator water is fully charged.

Because, this radiator coolant serves to neutralize the heat of the motor when the engine is turned on. Thus, the heat from the movement of the engine can be minimized as much as possible.

This step is a simple way that you can do yourself by checking the radiator reservoir tube.

Make sure and always check the level of the radiator or cooling water. The coolant level in the reservoir must always be between the top and bottom lines.

It should be noted that for the self-checking process, you must ensure that the engine temperature must be cold and the motorcycle is in the center standard position.

Some of the latest motorcycles are of course equipped with cooling fans. What is clear is that its function is to keep the engine cool.