How to Patch Your Own Tires Easily

Motorcycles that we usually see on the streets have two types of tires that are commonly used, namely Tubeless tires

The difference between the two types of tires is the presence or absence of an inner tube, where for Tubetype tires use an inner tube.

However, the majority of modern motorcycles already use Tubeless tires, especially on motorcycles that have racing wheels.

While Tubetype tires are usually used for motorcycles that have spoke-shaped wheels. This is because Tubeless tires cannot be mounted on spoke wheels.

In this case, there is a way to install Tubeless tires on spoke wheels. However, this method is very complicated and not everyone can do it.

For that, if you still want to use Tubeless tires, Mas Sena suggests replacing the spoke wheels first by using racing wheels.

However, if your motorcycle is a dirt bike, Mas Sena recommends that you keep using the finger wheel. This is due to support the performance of the motor when driven on the streets with steep terrain.

Of course, both Tubeless and Tubetype tires have their advantages and disadvantages.

However, an important advantage possessed by Tubeless tires is that when the tire is hit by a nail or any object that can puncture the tire, the condition of the tire will not immediately leak.

The condition of the tires will release air slowly, so the motorcycle will remain safe to use until you find a tire repairman.

In this case, maybe you are still worried if your motorcycle tires are hit by nails or other sharp objects at night, where in general many tire repairmen are closed.

For that, Mas Sena will provide tips and tricks on how to easily and precisely patch and care for tubeless tires.

So you don't need to be confused anymore to look for a tire repairman when a tire is leaking, wherever and whenever.

After we get a tool that can be used to patch tires, my friend can apply the knowledge about how to patch tubeless tires that Mas Sena has shared. A special tool that can be used to patch Tubeless tires

Easy Ways to Patch Your Own Tires

By using this tool, we can patch our own tubeless tires without worrying that the tire patch will not open when our tire is punctured.

This tubeless tire patch tool consists of several kinds of objects, namely a tube needle, glue, file or drill tube, width, or three rubber tubes that function to cover the part of the tire that is leaking.

So, this special tubeless tire patch tool is perfect for your friend to have. Especially for friends who have a hobby of traveling by motorbike.

However, Mas Sena reminded friends to always carry an air pump. So that when the tire has been patched it can be directly inflated independently.

An understanding of how to easily and precisely patch tubeless tires is an important thing to have after we have our own tubeless tire patch.

In patching the tubeless tire itself, we must first know what objects are stuck in the tires and also the location of the stuck objects.

To facilitate the search, Mas Sena suggested friends to use the media in the form of water.

When the condition of the tire is clean after being wetted with water, we can find out which part of the tire is leaking by putting the tire in the water.

The part that leaks will usually release small bubbles.

Once we know the object is stuck in the tire, we can remove it by hand. If it is difficult, the object can be removed using pliers.

If you don't know what a tubeless drill file looks like, just look at the tubeless tire patch tool, which is an object with a nut-shaped tip.

After the tire is filed, the size of the puncture hole becomes loose. Then we prepare the rubber patch.