Best Aerox Mods List

The appearance of the Yamaha automatic motorbike, named Aerox, managed to anesthetize automotive lovers in the country. With an aerodynamic design, this motorbike looks cool and different when compared to other motorbikes.

This Aerox motorbike doesn't need many changes because basically this automatic design already looks cool from the default. Moreover, for this motorbike modification, it is supported by the many spare parts on the market.

Some of these motor modifications look very interesting. One of them is changing the dual rear suspension into a monoshock. Of course this can make this automatic look more sporty. Then you can also change the front shock into an up-side down model which can add comfort.

The latest Matic from Yamaha which carries the 155cc VVA engine is quite easy to change. If you are still confused and need a reference, you can immediately see the list of Yamaha Aerox Modifications with the following interesting concepts.

List of the Coolest Yamaha Aerox Modifications

1. Racing Style Mod

Aerox flow modification is not very complicated. Because the Aerox motor body supports it and you only need to replace the exhaust with a racing model. Then change the size of the tires are made bigger and the rear suspension is changed to a shock tube model which is more comfortable to use than using a support suspension.

Then for the engine you can replace the spark plugs and filters so that your motorcycle's performance feels maximum.

2. Low Rider Modification

This Aerox low rider modification makes your motorbike appear to have a long size. This low rider concept replaces the connection between the engine and chassis with a longer size.

In addition, the rear suspension that previously used a double, can be replaced with a mono shock or an Ohlins shock. For the price itself, this modification is quite expensive, because for one part the price is more than Rp. 4 million.

3. Change Body Color

You can change the appearance of your Aerox body to make it look cool easily. The method is very easy, you just need to replace the body paint with another color instead of singing the song

In addition, there is now an easier way, which is simply to buy stickers according to the desired theme. By buying a sticker of the original color of your motorbike, you will stay awake and if you are bored you can remove it easily.

4. Make it Even

The dimensions of the large size of the Aerox motorbike make some people make modifications to make this Aerox motorbike more flat. The trick is to multiply the part as a front shock to replace the rear shock with a shorter size.

But if you do this, you also have to pay attention to the comfort side. Because if it is too short, the lower body will be easily scratched when passing sleep or a bump that is too high.