The Right Time to Change the Oil

Automatic motorbikes are different from ordinary optimal bikes. Especially in terms of maintenance. To keep the motor in optimal condition, not only engine oil needs to be changed regularly, but also transmission oil.

According to Asep Suherman, change the axle oil at least every 8,000 km or every 4 months, depending on which one is reached first.

Transmission oil, also known as axle oil, is different from engine oil.

The function of the axle oil itself is specifically to lubricate the transmission parts only. Although it only works in the transmission section, if the transmission oil is not changed regularly it will affect engine performance.

If the transmission oil is rarely changed, the bearings will wear out more quickly, or what is commonly called the bearings in automatic scooter transmissions. Come on, just look at the tips for changing the right axle oil for your vehicle.


When is the Best Time to Change Axle Oil?

Scooter owners should not forget the schedule for changing the engine oil axle periodically. It is better to replace it regularly with engine oil.

A minimum of 3 to 4 months is replaced so that when it rains or floods it can be replaced faster than normal days.

Changing axle oil if not done regularly will have a negative impact because maintaining wheel drive by changing axle oil is as important as changing engine oil.

If there are signs such as a rough and noisy sound due to friction, it means that the automatic transmission gear needs to be replaced with a new one.

If the engine oil has a lower risk of evaporation, this is also recognized as not applying to garden oil.

Motorcycle axle oil is often forgotten by motorcycle owners. In fact, this type of oil must also be replaced because it lubricates and also smooths the performance of the gear ratio in the automatic transmission system.

The effect that will occur if the oil is rarely changed will definitely damage the gear ratio. Damage to this component is indicated by the presence of noise from inside the CVT box.

When the transmission gear component is damaged, there will be a rough sound because the viscosity of the oil is reduced and there will also be friction between the components.

If it's like this, of course, it costs a lot of money to repair the components of the automatic transmission gear.

Likewise, car axle oil is useful when performing automatic gear changes to make it feel light and smooth.

Most people don't realize when they need to change their axle oil. Maybe because of their busy routine, they forget about trivial things like changing the oil.

Usually vehicles require axle oil changes every 4 to 8 months, depending on the type of vehicle itself.

There are some vehicles that also change the axle engine oil every 3 months and there are also those that require every 8 months.

The benchmark for replacement is not only from time but also from vehicle mileage, which is 8000 km for replacement.

If you do not change the oil at the time and distance above, it will be very risky for the engine of the vehicle you are using.

On Rida 4 vehicles, if the oil is not changed, a loud buzzing sound will be heard from under the car. This sound occurs because the engine's final gear is not lubricated properly.

If you increase the speed, the buzz will be louder. For that, your vehicle needs a new oil change.

Then if you're on a downhill road and the car suddenly vibrates, it means your axle oil isn't showing up either. This is because the axle supports that hold the weight of the car no longer function properly due to imperfect lubrication.

Likewise with motorcycles where the engine will also vibrate and sound loudly if the oil is not replaced.

Axle oil has a viscosity of up to SAE 70, especially for cars. Along with frequent use, the oil will get thinner and also contaminated.

If this happens, then your vehicle's axle oil is definitely not worth using anymore so you have to replace it with a new one. On automatic motors, the axle oil must be at the SAE 140 or SAE 90 level.

When changing the axle oil with a new one, a reaction will occur in the vehicle engine. This can be proven from the sound of car engines and motorbikes that sound smooth.

This process runs because of the friction reaction between the engine components of the vehicle which becomes smooth friction when changing the axle oil.

This fluid serves to facilitate friction between engine components on the vehicle and facilitate the performance of the automatic transmission.

Those are some tips about when to change axle oil that you should know. The price of axle oil is also known to be not so expensive, so don't be lazy to change it!